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Dreamy Romance 9:. :iconnikki-chanz:Nikki-chanz 4 2
Dreamy Romance 8:.
Noah kissed me, Noah kissed me? What is going on? I didn’t know that that was what he wanted to talk about. I never knew really thought of him in that way. I always saw him as more of an older brother than....boyfriend material. After he kissed me, he asked me out. In shock I told him that I would think about it, and ran off. Now I’m wandering through the woods trying to think of something else.After thinking that walking around mindlessly wouldn’t solve anything, I began to walk to my cabin. As I approach the front door, I hear yelling from the inside. I slowly open the door to see Andrew talking on his cellphone, his back facing towards me.
“I don’t care if he’s not answering his phone!” Andrew yells. This is the first time I am hearing him raise his voice. Actually, this is the first time I’m hearing him say anything.
“It’s your fault that you go playing a-!” The quiet boy turns around and looks at me, surprise
:iconnikki-chanz:Nikki-chanz 5 12
Sweet Night by Nikki-chanz
Mature content
Sweet Night :iconnikki-chanz:Nikki-chanz 13 6
Dreamy Romance 7:.
It’s been a week since Caleb got drunk and pushed me down. Not much 
happened after that. After he passed out, he woke up with a major headache 
and a bump on his head. He didn’t seem to remember anything except for the 
amount of alcohol he drank. I am relieved that he doesn’t remember licking my 
ear, making my whole body get hot. I don’t think I can handle his shocked 
expression when he looks at me. I’m just happy that we are still close friends.  
The only problem is the dreams I been having ever since that night. Most of 
them end up with me and Caleb kissing and occasionally giving me a handjob. 
I would wake up hot and sweaty. And me feeling guilty whenever I see him.
Today I wake up on a Friday morning. Luckily I didn’t dream anything last night, 
actually getting a good nights sleep. I sit up and notice that I’m the only one 
left in the cabin. When I get out of my bottom bunk, I step
:iconnikki-chanz:Nikki-chanz 6 7
Mature content
I'll Always Be With You Chapter 1 :iconnikki-chanz:Nikki-chanz 13 8
Dreamy Romance 6:.
"So what all goes on at this camp?” Caleb asks me. We are both sitting on the floor of our cabin. With music sheets scattered around us. Caleb seems to be in a better mood, since he keeps telling me that he’s excited to drink tonight.
“Not much really.” I start while organizing the papers. “The only good stuff that happens is the party and the huge concert that somehow turns out to be a huge hit each year.”
“Concert?” Caleb’s blue eyes catch me off guard.
“Uh, yeah.”
Shit. Stop staring at his eyes, idiot.
“T-they mostly hire local bands, since their so cheap.” I finally turn my gaze away Caleb and onto the papers on the floor.
“Hmmmm,” Caleb hums softly, staring at the blank music sheets. The tension in the room suddenly gets awkward. Did I say something wrong?
“Uh, uh,” I try to think of something to lighten the mood, “why
:iconnikki-chanz:Nikki-chanz 8 10
:Dreamy Romance 5:.
Caleb and I start heading back to our cabin. I walk a few steps behind him 
because I don't want him to see how red my face was. So for the time 
being I follow his footprints and stare at his back. Where a black guitar case 
rests against his back. I can hear Caleb say a few words, but I'm not paying attention. I keep replaying our conservation over in my head, his smile 
planted in my brain. The sound of a bell rings in the distance.
"Guess it's time for dinner." Caleb says as he keeps walking towards the 

cabin. I follow him, not wanting to leave his path.
After we stopped at our cabin, so Caleb could put away his guitar, we head to 

the cafeteria along with the other campers. I push open the wooden door to 
a large area filled with teenagers, sitting at tables and eating pizza. I pointed 
out the line for food to Caleb and we wal
:iconnikki-chanz:Nikki-chanz 8 6
Mature content
Great Gatsby: Forbidden Chapter :iconnikki-chanz:Nikki-chanz 12 11
Andrew by Nikki-chanz Andrew :iconnikki-chanz:Nikki-chanz 5 6
:Dreamy Romance 4:.
I walk over shyly towards the open seat. Having no idea what's going to 
happen next. I sit down on the soft chair, keeping my hands close to my 
sides. I notice that there are empty music sheets scattered around the
floor. The barely noticeable notes are smudge from being erased. You 
could tell that the person who wrote them was getting frustrated by his 
own thoughts. Could they be his? Caleb sets his guitar next to a black 
guitar case that had his name stitched on it, in thick white stitches. He 
walks back to me and sits down on the stool right next to me. Staring at 
me, with a blank expression printed on his face. 
"I've been waiting for you." Caleb says in a soft tone, breaking the 
"H-huh!?" I say, starling me and my heart.
"I mean, I knew that you would want to come and talk things out. You 
seemed kinda upset. And you also seemed like someone who wasn' know...
:iconnikki-chanz:Nikki-chanz 12 18
:Dreamy Romance 3:.
 After talking to Maggie for a while, we decided that I should gather enough
courage and try to find the from guy earlier. Let alone his name. Maggie forced 
me to turn off my phone and leave it in my bag. She doesn't want me worrying 
about Jacob and explains to me that he will ruin my chance with the yet to be 
known roommate. I swear, I don't get half the stuff she talks about. Her and
her strange fantasies. 
Me and Maggie go off on our own ways, exiting the cabin. Maggie said that she
wanted to practice for the camps yearly play and said she wanted to hear all
the details later. I start hiking in the other direction, having no idea where to look. 
Some campers are starting to head back to their cabins from the opening 
ceremony. I decided to walk towards the amphitheater thinking that I might be 
able to catch up to him. As I was walking past a group of kids, I happen to spot 
two familiar faces.
"Hey!" Mason greets me while waving, with
:iconnikki-chanz:Nikki-chanz 10 6
:Dreamy Romance 2:.
What the hell? What the hell?! I scream inside my head. Anger builds inside 
me, from my own stupid actions. After spilling it out to the unknown room-
mate, I had no choice but to run out of there as fast as I could. After, what 
seemed like forever, sprinting through the camp, I get to the rec room. Locking 
the door behind me. Wanting to be alone. The room still smelled like Pledge. The 
furniture from the 70's looked brand new. And they got four box sets of The 
Office beside the TV.
I sit on the couch, catching my breath. Realizing that I was still holding my phone. 
Open to the same message from Jacob. Why did I tell him? His face is still locked in my brain. Why? 
"It was supposed to be a secret." I whisper to myself. I never wanted people 
to know about my sexuality. I first realized about it in sixth grade. I told my 
best-friend, at the time, about it. The next day everybody started avoiding 
me and kept calling
:iconnikki-chanz:Nikki-chanz 12 20
:Dreamy Romance 1:.
The water from the lake sparkles from the suns rays, as we drive to camp. Camp 
Dreaming is the camp I go to, for a month, to practice my art. I usually get home-
sick after the first week, but no I'm glad that I'm going to be two hours away from 
"Are you sure your okay?" My mom glances at me with worry in her eyes. "You 
don't have to go, if you don't want to."
"No mom. I'm fine." I gave out a sigh, "I'm actually glad that I'm going."
"Ok. But if the whole thing with Jacob is still bothering you, you can always 
talk to me."
"I'm fine!" Frustrated, I put in my headphones and look out the window. Jacob 
was my boyfriend, until a few days ago. After a year and a half of dating, I 
caught him cheating on me with  some blond slut from a different school. 
From seeing that I have ignored his calls texts.  Even though I sent a text to 
him saying that I was breaking up with him. It makes me so mad that I want 
to punch
:iconnikki-chanz:Nikki-chanz 12 7


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Aokuro Aomine Daiki and Kuroko Tetsuya :iconhanzalee:HanzaLee 54 13
What'cha Doing? - ReiNagi by SorceressDream What'cha Doing? - ReiNagi :iconsorceressdream:SorceressDream 673 41




Hey everyone who still follow me! I just wanted to update you on what is going on. So I have been very busy and stressed out through out my senior year, and had complete writers block. So I was unable to update on any of my stories. But don't worry! They are not dead. 

I actually have been working on this project that I hope to work more on the future. Sorry, it's not a yaoi, but it's kinda like a fan-fiction type thing.

As for Dreamy Romance. I look back at it now and think "wow. There are some problems here." But that's just part of writing: finding your mistakes and correcting them. So I am going to restart Dreamy Romance and make it bigger and better. But it might take me some time to actually work on it. I just know that the characters might change and even the title might change.

So if any of you are still interested in reading it in the future, I will either post it on here, my other deviantart account (nicphantom), or on my AO3 account (nicphantom).

Thanks for taking the time for reading this! :) You guys can also follow me on Tumblr too, if you would like!
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Hey Guys~
My name is Nicole! I love anime, manga, video games, and of course yaoi. I guess I'm your typical otaku.

I love to write and draw! I dream to become a video game designer and to soon start out on YouTube.

I also have another Deviantart account where I mainly focus on my horror and dark romance stories. On this account I will be mostly focusing on my BL stories and other stuff. I guess you could call this my angel account and my other one the devil.

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